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Category: Nibbling Tips

Peel Butternut Squash Easily

So its winter and that means seasonal goodies like butternut squash. Last winter I grew to love this winter squash with its nutty and sweet flavours. And with the chill in the air here in England I love making soups with it; but it can be used in a number of recipes and brings a whole lot to the table when you do. Great facts about this fruit is that it is low in carbs, has no cholesterol or saturated fats and is a great source of fiber, now that is amazing stuff! This fruit puts up a bit of a fight though, as to get to the sweet nectar you have to put in a little elbow grease. With a very firm skin it is often very difficult to peel, and if you aren’t very careful it can be dangerous. I have found that the best way to pre-cook and peel a butternut squash is to bake it. Follow my steps below for a low effort way to peel your butternut squash and start…

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