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Category: Nibbles

Chilli Infused Oil

A simple and intense infusion of dried chillies and oil; perfect to top pizza, fish or to be used as a condiment in any other dish. Hot chilli oil – an essential in any pantry for a spice lover. I’m sure that from the few recipes that I have posted to this blog it is clear that I quite like to add a little umph to my food. And by that I mean a little something to wake up those taste buds and potentially your sinuses and tear ducts every now and again. I appreciate that not everyone enjoys spice but for some of us a dish just isn’t complete until without a little heat, someone out there surely knows what I’m talking about. This post is for you guys that need that something extra. Chilli oil is a great way to add heat to your dish without the risk of biting into a whole chilli; unless of course that is the part you most look forward to in your meals, you can still add…

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Salmon Canapes

So if you are a true foodie then you enjoy sharing the amazing things you create with your friends and families. There is nothing better than being around your loved ones, all the fun and games, the atmosphere and most importantly…the food! I currently live away from home so whenever I do visit I am sure to enjoy every second of it. I mean we all have that one uncle who is always telling jokes and making you laugh, the aunt who can throw down in the kitchen and that cousin who make a mean cocktail – and that’s just the short list of characters in my family! I’m the type of person who prefers a dinner party over the club scene, and I guess that’s one reason why I really do love being in the kitchen and entertaining. These salmon canapes are very easy and quick to put together and can complement any main course you are serving. You can use any type of cracker you choose, my preference is a garlic flavoured it…

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