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Spicy Vegetable Medley Cous Cous

My Confessional: I have sinned, and so I must confess. I confess…In the last 4 weeks I have eaten pizza 2 times, fries 4 times and I do not actually know how many times I’ve eaten chocolate or some other sweet (…it’s been that many!). I confess…in the last 3 weeks I’ve exercised all but 5 times. I confess…I need to do better! OK so maybe I exaggerated and sin is a bit of a stretch. But I get that feeling I’m doing something oh so wrong! (well after I’ve finished eating anyway). But not to worry, I’m about to make a 180 and take a step in the right direction. And if any of you out there are in the same boat as I am don’t worry, we’re going to jump start those better eating habits with this very recipe! I’ve made this recipe a few times now and let me just say; it’s amazing how great you feel mentally and physically when you are eating healthier. This recipe calls on the wonderful creamy…

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Salmon Canapes

So if you are a true foodie then you enjoy sharing the amazing things you create with your friends and families. There is nothing better than being around your loved ones, all the fun and games, the atmosphere and most importantly…the food! I currently live away from home so whenever I do visit I am sure to enjoy every second of it. I mean we all have that one uncle who is always telling jokes and making you laugh, the aunt who can throw down in the kitchen and that cousin who make a mean cocktail – and that’s just the short list of characters in my family! I’m the type of person who prefers a dinner party over the club scene, and I guess that’s one reason why I really do love being in the kitchen and entertaining. These salmon canapes are very easy and quick to put together and can complement any main course you are serving. You can use any type of cracker you choose, my preference is a garlic flavoured it…

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Coconut Curry Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

It is really winter (sigh). Temperatures of 40°F, sun sets at 4pm and layer upon layer….upon layer of clothes, its cold out…did I say that already?…yup…its winter. While to the Britts it’s not that bad but for me… an island girl, this is like being in Antarctica. Ok maybe that is a bit extreme but point is its cold, and what better to warm you up then a bowl of coconut creamy, curry spiced butternut squash soup,  can you say yum! I use to be one of those people who thought that soups were not filling; as my mom would say ‘water doesn’t stay on a hill’. But the heartiness of the butternut squash itself makes this dish very wholesome, and this is the soup that changed my mind on all soups. I find that pre-cooking the squash saves time and makes the process simpler since peeling it can be difficult. Read my suggestion on the best way to easily peel and pre-cook your butternut squash. So if you are feeling that cold winter air…or…

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Peel Butternut Squash Easily

So its winter and that means seasonal goodies like butternut squash. Last winter I grew to love this winter squash with its nutty and sweet flavours. And with the chill in the air here in England I love making soups with it; but it can be used in a number of recipes and brings a whole lot to the table when you do. Great facts about this fruit is that it is low in carbs, has no cholesterol or saturated fats and is a great source of fiber, now that is amazing stuff! This fruit puts up a bit of a fight though, as to get to the sweet nectar you have to put in a little elbow grease. With a very firm skin it is often very difficult to peel, and if you aren’t very careful it can be dangerous. I have found that the best way to pre-cook and peel a butternut squash is to bake it. Follow my steps below for a low effort way to peel your butternut squash and start…

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Egg Muffins

Hi and welcome to Nibbling at Dawn! I am oh so pleased that you are joining me as I launch my food blog to bring you all exciting, delicious and fun recipes. This first recipe post is for one of my ‘busy-working-girl’ favourites, delicious breakfast egg muffins. These muffins take a bit of preparation but are seriously worth it in the end. They are filled with great nutrients such as calcium, protein and vitamin A; and on a weekday morning when you are in a rush they are quite convenient to have on hand for breakfast. These muffins can be stored in the refrigerator; I recommend eating them within 10 days. I typically place two muffins in the oven in the morning for 5 minutes which warms them to perfection. They are an easy to eat meal while preparing for work in the mornings. They can also be warmed in the microwave and are perfect on their own or with toast or crumpets topped with your favourite jam. Enjoy the Nibbling!   Save Print Prep…

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