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Apple and Fennel Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette

A light and fresh summer time salad that will compliment any barbecue or regular weekday menu. Alright so I will be the first to admit that salads were never my food of choice. I personally never found them unsatisfying, not until I learnt the right way to make them. The traditional garden salad can be built upon through the addition of a variety of ingredients; and it is a great compliment to virtually every meal. And a healthy alternative to a serving of rice or pasta, which you may have for dinner on a regular basis. But we all know that sometimes it’s great to mix things up. This simple salad is quick to prepare and is a beautiful summer time alternative to the garden salad. This salad is based around two core ingredients which are granny smith apples and fennel. The granny smith apples in this recipe are fresh, juicy and crunchy. They do have a slight tartness to them which is a great flavour addition to have in any salad. And what goes…

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Apple Crumble

An easy and simple dessert recipe which uses subtly sweet Braeburn apples, and is complimented by the crunch of pecans and a buttery crumble topping. This recipe is one for the books, its ideal if you want to mix up your weeknight dessert with the family (or in my case this recipe lasts me a week – but hey I’m not complaining!). Because we will be using ramekins, these individual apple crumbles are a great dessert item for a dinner party as well. So there will be worrying about cutting up a cake or pie into even portions and having enough dinnerware for all your guests. For those of us who have a little bit of portion control mishaps when it comes to desserts (…yeah, that’s me) the ramekins make getting those portion sizes just right! So no more over indulging…well, not unless you have more than one (go ahead…I won’t tell). Apple crumble greatly resembles a typical apple pie recipe with the exclusion of a crust and/or pastry topping which can be tedious to…

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