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Chicken Souse

Sample the flavours of the Turks and Caicos Islands with this traditional chicken souse recipe. Home cooking can mean different things for different people when it comes down to the actual food being prepared. No matter the particular food though, the feeling we all get when we sit down with a plate of some home cooking is virtually the same. It’s a heartwarming and joyous feeling. And I know I’m not the only one who starts to reminisce about watching your grandmother or aunt prepare a special meal; or better yet sneaking a little bite when no one is looking. In the last 5 years while studying abroad at university I wasn’t able to have all of the home cooked food that I had grown to know and love as a kid. And that was mainly because I didn’t always have the time or energy to stand in the kitchen for what felt like forever to prepare a mean for one. And that is why stir fry became my go to dinners as a student;…

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Coconut Curry Spiced Butternut Squash Soup

It is really winter (sigh). Temperatures of 40°F, sun sets at 4pm and layer upon layer….upon layer of clothes, its cold out…did I say that already?…yup…its winter. While to the Britts it’s not that bad but for me… an island girl, this is like being in Antarctica. Ok maybe that is a bit extreme but point is its cold, and what better to warm you up then a bowl of coconut creamy, curry spiced butternut squash soup,  can you say yum! I use to be one of those people who thought that soups were not filling; as my mom would say ‘water doesn’t stay on a hill’. But the heartiness of the butternut squash itself makes this dish very wholesome, and this is the soup that changed my mind on all soups. I find that pre-cooking the squash saves time and makes the process simpler since peeling it can be difficult. Read my suggestion on the best way to easily peel and pre-cook your butternut squash. So if you are feeling that cold winter air…or…

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