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Thai Inspired Salmon

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Delicious oven roasted salmon beautifully paired with a ginger and lemongrass Thai inspired sauce.

I’ll just start of by saying that this recipe is all about the sauce! The gingery, lemongrassiness (it’s not a word I know – but let’s go with it) of the sauce lends itself to being the perfect complement for a fish dish.

But before I get onto telling you guys about this glorious sauce, let’s talk about the salmon that is also a star in its own right in this dish.

Salmon, as I’m sure we all know is one of the world’s superfoods. They are notoriously known for being high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B12 and D. These benefits along with so many other nutritional factors like being high in protein and amino acids, makes salmon a powerhouse ingredient in the food industry.

Thai Inspired Salmon

The high omega-3 content of salmon is greatly associated with a reduced risk of a variety of cardiovascular problems such as strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks. There has also been research into the decreased risk of eye related issues such as chronic dry eyes and macular degeneration due to the consumption of fish which contain omega-3.

With all of those wonderful benefits that salmon has to offer why would you not have it on your regular home menu right? Well if you don’t have a salmon recipe for your recipe tin yet; this ginger and lemongrass Thai inspired salmon dish could be your first!

Now enough about the scientific mumbo-jumbo, let’s get to the good stuff! The dish starts off with a simply seasoned baked salmon fillet. The seasoning is kept to a minimum to allow the flavours of the sauce to sing when paired with the salmon. I personally love my salmon at medium or just a tad bit over depending on what I am doing with it. But you can adjust the cook time to get the salmon to your liking. That ability to customise elements of a recipe to the way that you prefer it is what makes you want to add it to your recipe index, simply because it is so adoptable.

Guys I have to say something that I hope won’t scare you off, but this sauce is quite complex. Wait, don’t run away just yet! The complexity of the sauce comes from the depth of flavour that you get from the few ingredients that are required. Truly the sauce is beautifully simple to create which is great because sometimes you don’t want to spend hours developing flavours for a dish, especially after a long day.

The base of the sauce is coconut milk which brings a light, creamy and slightly nutty flavour to the dish. The coconut milk is an excellent carrier for the other key ingredients of the dish and it helps to integrate them together beautifully. Fresh ginger, lemongrass and Thai red curry paste are the key ingredients that bring it all home for this dish.

Thai Inspired Salmon

To really bring some spice and seasoning to the dish you need red curry paste. You can make your own curry paste or use a store bought version which still has a lot of flavour to add to your dish. Try not to be too heavy handed with this curry paste though, because it can be quite potent especially if it is the good stuff. But you can adjust the amount you add to the sauce to get it to the right level of spice that you need for the dish. The amount added to the recipe make a mild to medium spiced sauce – but then again I am a spice lover!

Ginger provides an earthy spice to any dish. And in this sauce the amount of ginger is subtle and beautifully compliments the other elements of the dish without being overwhelming. Admittedly I have never been a big fan of ginger, and that stems from me reluctantly drinking ginger tea as a kid to mend colds. The stuff tasted vile to me then, but lately I have been loving ginger in things that I eat and drink.

Lemongrass is an ingredient that holds a special place in my heart that is rooted in my childhood. Lemongrass is also referred to as fever grass which is a herb that can be used in teas. Growing up it was one of my favourite teas, it actually still is one of my favourites. It is light and a little citrusy and it is chuck full of great medicinal properties…but that is a post for another day!

Now back to this sauce. The lemongrass adds a delicate freshness to the sauce that balances the spices from the Thai red curry paste and the ginger.

To thicken the sauce I’ve added some a little cornstarch and water mixture. You can add as much as you like to get the sauce to the consistency that is perfect for you. Adaptability – that is one of the things I love in any recipe!

This sauce can also be paired with chicken to produce a beautiful Thai style chicken dish that all of the family will love.

As you can tell this dish is all about the sauce guys it is that good. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Enjoy Nibbling!

Thai Inspired Salmon
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 4 Salmon Fillets
  • ¼ cup Coconut Milk
  • ¼ cup Vegetable Stock
  • ½ teaspoon Salt
  • ¼ teaspoon Black Pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon Thai Red Curry Paste
  • 20g Ginger Root
  • 5g Lemongrass
  • ½ teaspoon Cornstarch
  1. Preheat oven to 130°C
  2. Place salmon fillets on a non-stick baking sheet, season with salt and pepper and place in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes.
  3. Peel the flesh from the ginger root and chop into chunks of no particular size.
  4. Smash lemongrass stalks to expose inner flesh.
  5. In a small saucepan bring vegetable stock and coconut milk to a simmer and incorporate the chopped ginger, crushed lemongrass and Thai red curry paste. Simmer for 10 minutes.
  6. Mix the corn starch with 1 tablespoon of water.
  7. Strain sauce into a small bowl.
  8. Mix the cornstarch mixture into the sauce to thicken it.
  9. Remove salmon from oven and spoon sauce over the top.
  10. Serve immediately.
For a thicker sauce, incorporate more cornstarch and water mixture.


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